Administrative law, Expropiations and Urban law

Administrative law

Administrative law is the branch of law that deals with the organization of public administration and the relationships that these bodies have with individuals.

As an example, our attorneys specializing in administrative law:

  • Offer counsel on any type of administrative procedure with any administrative body, protecting people’s rights as well as managing procedures and advising clients in the fulfilment of their duties.
  • Protect your interests when dealing with judicial rulings from administrative bodies through actions with the Contentious-Administrative Powers (Jurisdiccion Contencioso Administrativa).
  • Provide counsel for individuals and administrative bodies when dealing with public sector contracts.
  • Guide and advise people in forcible expropriation procedures, seeking the protection of their rights.

Urban law

Our urban law attorneys deal with cases involving the interests of administrative bodies as well as those of affected or interested parties in everything related with urban zoning plans and their implementation. We are specialized in counselling promoters of urban development initiatives in urban and unincorporated areas, defending the interests of owners belonging to sectors and units of implementation, as it relates to the implementation of plans, equitable distribution, etc.

We participated in the composition of numerous rezoning projects in various provinces in Andalucia.

Moreover, our actions as urban law attorneys also include the representation of private parties in cases involving urban planning disciplinary, sanctioning, and reestablishment procedures filed by local governments.

We perform studies and compose reports about urban planning situations for land. These are required for pre-contractual studies for performing buying and selling operations, as well as for the transfer of properties or for many other reasons.

Furthermore, we advise people in the proposal and composition of suggestions and allegations for urban planning initiatives and negotiate urban planning agreements.