Civil law, Family law and Divorce

Civil law is the part of private law that refers to the rules that govern individual’s legal atmosphere and regulates private relationships between individuals.

Our attorneys specializing in civil law offer counsel in cases involving:

  • Family Law: adoptions, separations, nullifying of marriages, wills, disability, guardianship, child custody, separation of goods, nutritional and compensational alimony, etc.
  • Real Estate Law: contracts, condominiums, homeowners’ associations, etc.
  • Civil obligations and contracts: (including liabilities derived from them). Buying and selling contracts, rentals, donations, mortgages, payment settlements, traffic accidents, professional negligence, indemnity payments, etc.
  • Other fields pertaining to a civil attorney: disability, absence declaration, death certificates, etc.

Civil law cases often arise controversy and disagreements between individuals. These must be solved through adequate advice and educated action, rigorously and calmly. Providing these services adequately is our top priority.