Fiscal and Accounting Consulting

Fiscal counsel

Our lawyers specializing in fiscal and taxation law provide legal counsel in matters such as the management and procedures related to taxation, tax declarations, fiscal inspections, sanctions, and procedures involving the Tributary Administration (Administración Tributatria).

We provide counsel on tax matters and planning of patrimony for both businesses and private citizens.

We work with domestic and foreign businesses in their daily transactions. We can then ease their tax declarations, their accounting procedures, and their administrative management.

Accounting Consulting

The Accounting and Taxation department offers a complete range of services, such as the following:

Accounting Statements

  • Business activities of a financial nature that require an accounting statement adjusted to the requirements found in the Code of Commerce, daily accounting books, inventory, and annual accounting, as well as the legalization of accounting registries in the Financial Registry (Registro Mercantil).
  • Business transactions not of a financial nature that require the elaboration of a registry of income and sales, expenses and purchases, as well as investment goods.
  • Professional activities that require registries for income, expenses, investment goods, and provision of funds and supplements.

Taxation management / Taxes

Preparation and presentation of VAT and income tax (IVA and IRPF) declarations, Tax on Societies (Impuesto sobre Sociedades) and their corresponding fractional payments.

We prepare the annual declaration of operations with third parties, as it relates to the buying and selling procedures completed within business activities and the rest of annual summary declarations as well as any other type of taxation management applicable to any particular field.

Accounting Books

Preparation of the most common types of accounting books, including daily activities, inventory, and annual accounting, as well as estimates to better understand the business’s accounting situation.

Presentation at the Financial Registry (Registro Mercantil) within the legal timeframe.

Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounting, Transaction Registries, and Management Reports.