Other specialties

Laws relating to new technologies.

Nowadays, laws related to new technologies are of particular importance. This branch of law studies their entire legal framework. We provide counsel while collaborating directly with IT professionals in matters of:

  • Law of personal data protection (Ley de Protección de Datos) in the IT industry (fulfilment of duties for businesses that own files holding data of a personal nature).
  • Legal consulting service for electronic commerce (e-commerce). Digital signature.
  • IT-related intellectual property. Copyright law in this particular field.
  • Computer and telecommunications-related crimes. (Fraud when buying online, violation of privacy, damages created in computer systems, etc.).

Data protection

Data protection is a specialty within the laws related to new technologies. Its objective is the mandatory compliance of businesses with the Organic Law on Data Protection (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos).

We offer counsel, perform legal actions, and achieve resolution of possible issues that could arise in matters related to data protection.

Agrarian Law

As attorneys working in a law firm specializing in the particular aspects of agrarian law, we provide counsel for clients on all legal aspects related to this field. Among other things, we specialize in the following matters:

  • Complete counsel on irrigation communities.
  • Agrarian cooperatives and agrarian transformation societies (Sociedades agrarias de transformación). (Legal framework, as well as any type of incidence related to their functioning).
  • Labour law in the agrarian industry (as business owners, as employees, etc).
  • Special Agrarian Social Security Scheme (Régimen Especial Agrario de la Seguridad Social - REASS)
  • Agrarian contracts (especially rental of raw land and agrarian parcels, as well as censi, fora, emphyteusis, etc.).
  • Real estate transactions related to agrarian tourism, protected designation of origin, rental of empty land, agrarian community policy, etc.


Our attorneys specializing in immigration provide legal services related to matters such as: necessary procedures for naturalization of foreigners, residence permits, work permits, family visas, etc.

Our attorneys specializing in family law provide legal counsel on matters of adoptions, divorce, nutritional child support, usufructs, etc.